Talixo is the #1 choice for ground transportation of Fortune 500 companies


Introducing Talixo allowed our employees to seamlessly book and manage their transfers worldwide.
2012 Best Startup Award
Skolkovo Prize for IT and Energy Efficiency

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Features of the Talixo Corporate Account

Book ground transfers through your OBE

Talixo is integrated with all major OBEs, including Amadeus, Concur, Onesto and Cytric App Cloud

Book on OBE, manage through Apps

Talixo offers a flexible way to book and manage your trips. While booking using your favourite platform, passengers and travel arrangers can still make use of all features of the Talixo mobile and web apps.

For example, an executive assistant can book a trip for his supervisor via Concur, while the passenger can update and reschedule the trip directly from his phone, based on his current needs.

Talixo offers the biggest coverage among all B2B ground transfer providers

Talixo está disponible en 711 ciudades alrededor del mundo. Reservar tu viaje a donde quiera que vayas no había sido tan sencillo y accesible - A través de la misma aplicación para cualquier parte del mundo. Puedes hacer reservas via Talixo mobile y las aplicaciones webb - También puedes utilizar tus OBE favoritos incluyendo Onesto, Concur o Cytric Cloud para reservar y tu pasajero, seguirá pudiendo acceder a la información la aplicación proporciona, durante el viaje.

Same standards and quality, worldwide

En cada una de las 711 ciudades en las que Talixo ofrece servicios de taxi y limusinas para clientes corporativos, nos esforzamos por proveer el estándar más alto posible en transporte terrestre así como en estandarizar y agilizar el proceso de reservar traslados de negocios.

This means that no matter where you travel - be it Europe, USA, China or India, the limousine driver will track your flight, speak English, wait at the airport at least 45 minutes after landing, and you will always be able to pay for your trip via the app! All invoices will be generated in a standardised way according to your liking, no matter which country you book in.

Empower your executive assistants and travel arrangers

The Talixo corporate account structure allows full customisation and control over permissions and user roles. Your secretaries, travel arrangers, travel managers, executive assistants, travel management agents and external TMC employees can be assigned customised permissions based on your company structure.

It may be that you already use an Online Booking Engines such as Concur to make your bookings - in that case the account structure will be usable within Talixo out of the box - for example, when a travel arranger books for a passenger in Concur, the passenger can log in to the Talixo app out of the box, manage the booking and make his next booking using the credit card provided by Concur - all based on secure, encrypted protocols.

Assign payment methods to your travellers

Los grandes corporativos a menudo están formado por múltiples unidades de negocio, y el costo entra dentro de esas unidades. Con Talixo, puedes hacer ciertos métodos de pago accesibles sólo para ciertos usuarios dentro de un grupo, unidades de negocio o viajeros específicos. Estos ajustes también son automáticamente transferidos desde cualquier sistema de reserva en línea que actualmente utilices.

Manage payment methods based on roles

If your travellers use multiple credit cards, Talixo offers an easy way to manage that! You can assign specific cards to travellers - e.g. your sales team can use a dedicated credit card, while other employees can pay with another one!

Unleash the power of AirPlus with Talixo

Talixo supports AirPlus payments all the way, including integration of AirPlus payments through Online Booking Systems. The corporate account structure allows you to claim all benefits of AirPlus payments while taking full control over your ground transfers.

Take control of your ground transportation expenses

When using Talixo, you are finally in charge of your taxi and limousine trips! Talixo offers you a wide range of choices for invoicing - per trip, weekly or monthly. All invoices are issued in a standard way and paid using your preferred payment methods - that way no matter that you go to China, India or Cambodia, your booking is processed in the same way.

You can also specify a dedicated addresses for delivery of invoices and financial messages.

Automatically submit your expenses to AirPlus

Talixo offers full AirPlus integration, making it the last remaining step towards paperless travel. With Talixo, you can expense your trips directly through AirPlus and your employees will not have to submit any invoices or receipts at any point after the trip!

Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Talixo supports all major mobile platforms, allowing you full access to your bookings worldwide. That way all of your employees can make bookings ad-hoc, as well as receive information about bookings made for them by travel arrangers and travel management companies.

Book your travel through Amadeus, Concur, Onesto or Cytric Cloud, manage via apps

Talixo connects all major booking platforms and allows you full control over how you manage, rebook and cancel your trips. Bookings made through your preferred platform are still manageable through the Talixo apps. This way your executive assistants can make bookings for key travellers, while the passenger can still manage and check the booking last minute.

Over 100,000 customers, including Fortune 500 companies

A new standard for B2B ground transfers

Con Talixo. las empresas son capaces de gestionar sus viajes de una manera más eficiente, ahorrando tiempo y dinero en el proceso.

Talixo is fully compliant with corporate travel policies and thanks to extensive OBE integrations, travel arrangers and passengers can book taxis and limousines with the same ease as flights and hotels.

Talixo is the easiest way of integrating a seamless ground transfer experience for complex organisations.

Tailored B2B transfer solution

Technology consulting included

With Talixo, you're not being left in the dark wondering how to organise efficient ground transportation in your company. Instead, a dedicated consultant will help you understand all functionalities and benefits and plan your integration project.

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The last step to paperless travel

Invoicing and controlling features

With its fully customisable invoicing and controlling structure, Talixo allows you to centrally manage invoices and sent them directly to your accounting.

Concur Expense and AirPlus

With Talixo, you can leverage your existing technology by seamlessly integrating it with Talixo. All invoices for trips are pushed directly to Concur Expense for your convenience.

Also, Talixo supports AirPlus integrations, also with connection to OBEs – that means you can book your trips through Onesto, enjoy all benefits of AirPlus and manage your travel on the ground with the Talixo apps at the same time.