Talixo stands for secure payments

Talixo uses an electronic payment process, which complies with highest security standards. We want to assure you, that security has highest priority at Talixo especially with regards to storing your payment details, payment of trips and control of payments.

Safe storage of your payment details

For execution of the entire payment process Talixo works together with renown and PCI- DSS (Payment Card Industry data Security Standard) certified payment provider, who complies with strictest security standards.


Payment only after your authentification at the end of the ride

Talixo does not initiate the payment until you authorized it at the end of your ride. For payment authorization Talixo works with a 4 digit PIN, which you only know. To guarantee highest payment security you will receive a new PIN for every ride on your cell phone, similar to a TAN code banks use for transactions. Once you used it for authentification of a payment it is invalid.


Constant control of your payments with your Talixo account

In your Talixo account you can oversee your bookings at any point in time, so that you have transparency and full control. At the end of each month you will receive a PDF-invoice with all individual payments made through Talixo. If you need invoices more frequently to expense it with your employer, you can get your invoice on a weekly basis. Just specify the invoice frequency in your account settings. If you should have questions or remarks regarding a certain payment you can contact us at contact@talixo.de